SA3 participates in numerous community activities and events throughout San Antonio and Bexar County, promoting Environmental Responsibility and Charitable Giving. 

We work with municipalities, schools and community organizations in fundraising efforts - using recycling/repurposing as a way to generate funds for various worthy causes - it's an easy way to generate support for a cause!

Whether you’re cleaning out your closets, de-cluttering or spring cleaning, recycling your gently used clothes, shoes and household items is always a great idea! 

SA3 keeps these items out of our landfills, giving them a new life through re-purposing or recycling

SPECIAL EVENTS & Fundraising

Thrift & retail stores


SA3 Community Recycling    |    210.538.2056    |    818 Chestnut #102. San Antonio, 78202

Helping our community stay vibrant and sustainable through environmental responsibility and charitable giving.


SA3 has been supporting our local charities and nonprofits in Our Community for many years with financial and in-kind support.  

Through SA3's Recycling and "Caring & Sharing" programs, nonprofits can generate revenue and receive items which help them continue their mission; Continuing their services in our community.  

SA3 Community Recycling    |    210.338.9434    |    1341 West Laurel   78201

Curbside Recycling 

Thrift Stores and Retail Stores are constantly needing to move their inventory, providing new merchandise for their customers. 

SA3 purchases this unwanted merchandise.  We recycle and/or repurpose more than 10 Tons of  this material each week, keeping it our of our landfills and reducing our collective impact on the environment.

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