Helping our community stay vibrant and sustainable through environmental responsibility and charitable giving.


We are not your ordinary recycling company.


SA3 was founded on the principle that collaboration makes all things possible. By partnering with local businesses, churches, schools, and charities, we are able to help out the community while minimizing our environmental impact

Cliff Morgan





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SA3 Community Recycling    |    210.338.9434    |    1341 West Laurel   78201

June 2014 - SA3 Community Recycling opens its first recycling center at 1341 West Laurel in San Antonio, Texas.

January 2019 - SA3 Community Recycling moves its operations to a new facility, expanding from 15,000sqft. to 42,000sqft.

It is the mission of SA3 Community Recycling to help our community stay vibrant and sustainable through environmental responsibility and charitable giving.

The vision for SA3 is to be a leading contributor to environmental sustainability worldwide and to be a pioneer in supporting charitable causes in communities across the globe.

An entrepreneur and former Marine, Cliff is the owner of SA3 Community Recycling, a full service textile recycling company that works to support local community service organizations.  
Cliff most recently served as the Director of Programs for St. Vincent de Paul in San Antonio after starting as a volunteer for the organization in 2011.  During his tenure at St. Vincent de Paul he developed a recycling program which would support the local nonprofit community and provide a form of financial stability for his organization.
in June 2014, after the organization decided to discontinue the recycling program, Clifford worked with St. Vincent de Paul to take over the lease on the 15,000 square foot warehouse and to assume responsibility for the operations, including 3 employees and a staff of volunteers.   
SA3 Community Recycling (known as "SA3") serves local charitable organizations by providing a collection facility and a funding source for unwanted/unneeded items. They sor
t usable and repurposable items, making them available to other organizations in San Antonio and around the world who could use them.

SA3 also serves businesses and other organizations with textile, cardboard (baled) and electronics recycling - keeping them from entering the waste stream and clogging up our landfills. These items are then processed through their recycling markets.

SA3 Community Recycling makes in-kind as well as financial contributions in support of its charitable partners here in San Antonio.

With his dedication to serving the community, Cliff operates SA3 with three main purposes in mind:
  helping our nonprofit organizations remain vibrant,
  saving our environment by keeping as much material as we can out of our landfills and
​ connecting people in need with good, reporpusable materials to help them in their lives.










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