SA3 Community Recycling    |    210.538.2056    |    818 Chestnut #102. San Antonio, 78202

We Support 3 Local Charities  Through This Program - They Receive 2 cents for Every Pound of Clothing Processed


We can also accept small household items in re-usable condition 

                                 Linens - bedding wear (sheets, pillowcases, etc)

Check out the Complete List here ​

Please call us if there is a question you have, we are happy to be of service!  

Please Note; Our intention is not to complete with any non-profit charity, that would violate our internal policies.  We encourage you to support your favorite charities, as we do.  If there is a non-profit charity you would like for us to consider supporting with our programs, please send us a note and we will contact them.  


​​We accept the following kinds of gently used donated clothes:

                                  Women’s clothing
                                  Men’s clothing
                                  Children’s clothing
                                  Dresses, shirts, and pants
                                  Shoes and boots
                                  Belts and ties
                                  Handbags and wallets

SA3 Community has recently began an Curbside Textile Recycling Program here in San Antonio.  If you have received one of our flyers, we want to thank you for taking the time to check us out.   

One of two things happens with your donation


                                 1.  Re-Purposed - passed on to help someone else


                                 2.  Recycled - this is a destructive process.  Items                                                               melted, chopped, etc. and made into                                                               other usable items

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